About me


I am a User Experience Designer and Content Creator, passionate about creating memorable interactive experiences for the users of websites and applications.

Originally from the city of Manaus, Brazil, I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Faculdade Martha Falcão Devry in 2015 and worked with public relations for two government institutions, SEPROR (Secretaria de Produção Rural do Amazonas) and IPAAM (Instituto de Proteção Ambiental do Amazonas). It was during those two professional experiences that I first started working with digital media, as I was often in charge of producing content for the websites and social media profiles from both institutions, which eventually led to my growing interest in the field of interactive media.

In 2016 I moved to Toronto with my wife and started the Interactive Media Management post-graduation course at Centennial College, where I had the opportunity to further develop my skills with user experience design and content creation for digital media, through several projects.