WIFT-T: Content Strategy for Website

In the winter of 2016, my team and I were assigned  to provide the content strategy for the website of Women in Film and Television – Toronto (WIFT-T), as a part of the Interactive Media Management course. The organisation was working to redesign their website and to that end we provided them with the necessary insight to develop a responsive and user friendly website, which we did through Content Audits, Wireframes, Content Planning, and Usability Testings.

We successfully delivered the content strategy report to our client. You can view our deliverables in the links bellow:

Testimonial by Heather Webb, executive director of WIFT-T:

Women in Film & Television – Toronto had the good fortune to work with a team of five students from the Interactive Media Management program, Centennial College, in Fall 2016.

They approached our project with enthusiasm and provided a very satisfying client experience through their professional approach to project management and business communications. Their in-depth analysis and informed best practice recommendations will enable us to achieve our communications objectives and enhance our users’ experiences moving forward.”

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